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Swara Bhasker’s ‘#FreePalestine’ campaign gets mocked at by Mossad parody account

Israeli Intelligence Unit Mossad is understood for its capacity to conduct audacious counter-terrorist and espionage operations. Nevertheless, within the on-line world, its parody account is changing into well-known for its witty responses and sharp takes on issues associated to the Israel-Palestine battle.

Just lately, the parody Twitter account of Mossad, which fits by the deal with @TheMossadIL, trolled actor Swara Bhasker on her unwarranted tweet on the Al Aqsa mosque incident. Quoting Swara’s tweet during which she referred to as Israel apartheid and terrorist state, The Mossad tweeted that if its tweet will get extra likes than Swara’s tweet, they are going to be sending a particular “pocket rocket” to the Indian actor.

The “pocket rocket” comment is in reference to an earlier tweet posted by Swara Bhasker on April 10, demanding Free Palestine. Bhasker had quoted a tweet that carried her photograph from the time when she had visited Gaza. Quickly after Bhasker shared her help for a free Palestine, the parody account of The Mossad quoted her tweet, questioning who she was and why everybody was tagging them on her tweet.

Within the subsequent tweets, The Mossad said that they have been being informed that Swara Bhasker likes vibrators. Taking a swipe on the actor, The Mossad’s tweet stated: “We’re afraid you have been misinformed when Gaza stated that they had Pocket Rockets”.

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Netizens react to The Mossad’s promise of gifting Swara Bhasker a “pocket rocket”

Netizens on Twitter had a area day after the parody account of the Mossad mocked Swara Bhasker for her feedback on Israel. One of many Twitter customers stated, “Even Mossad is aware of Swara Bhasker’s passion.”

One other Twitter person lamented that he may like The Mossad’s tweet solely as soon as or else Swara would have stood eligible to obtain the “pocket rocket” this night itself.

One other Twitter shared an display screen seize from one of many films of Swara Bhasker the place she was apparently seen utilizing a vibrator.

Swara Bhasker, an ardent supporter of Palestine and a perennial critique of Israel

Swara Bhasker has been a staunch opponent of Israel and an ardent supporter of Palestine. On a number of events on Twitter, Bhasker had criticised Israel and expressed her help for Palestine. For years now, Bhasker, a JNU alumnus and formally an Indian citizen with no locus standi on inside affairs of Israel, had been demanding the ‘liberation of Palestine’.

Yesterday, she had posted one other tweet during which she shared her image from the Gaza strip from January 2011. Within the tweet, Bhasker claimed that she is flashing her center finger to the Israeli wall.

“Buffer zone. Gaza Strip. January 2011. Displaying a lot deserved center finger to the Israeli ‘wall’. Israel has blockaded Gaza (land, air and sea) since 2007. The financial & human value of this has been horrible & big. Gaza Strip is principally one large open-air jail. #FreePalestine,” Swara tweeted.

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